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Smart Lock Vs Keypad Lock: Which is Better for Security?

Are you struggling to decide which system to choose between Smart Lock and Keypad Lock for security purposes?

If you’re worried about this, don’t panic; we’ll discuss these two modern security systems in this article. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional mechanical locks and open the door to a more advanced form of security.

Smart Lock Vs. Keypad in 2023

Smart locks and keypad lock systems serve the same purpose: protecting valuables from falling into the wrong hands. Keeping you and your belongings safe is of the utmost importance. Therefore, safeguards must be in place to give users a sense of security in their assets.

Smart Lock Vs Keypad Lock in 2023

However, these two systems not only differ in their level of protection, but they also differ in their field. Budget, accessibility, and convenience are just a few things to consider when deciding between these two locking systems.

Smart Lock Vs. Keypad, which one is safer?

Regarding safety, different factors apply to these two options in their way. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that safety will be a top priority when choosing one of these security lock systems. So, without further ado, let’s start with Smart Lock.

Smart locks are as secure as traditional mechanical deadbolt/cylinder locking systems. However, they are still reasonably vulnerable to breaches by physical means. Even if your innovative lock system has a key slot, you can still pick a key and always have the option to use brute force to break the door. Explosive methods can also access vaults and safes.

However, Smart Lock consists of multiple backups. The smart lock always syncs with your phone, so you’ll always be notified whenever an unverified person tries to open the door. So, even if you are on the other side of the globe, you can always seek help from local authorities. There is always an option to control the lock remotely.

As the name suggests, Smart Lock consists of artificial intelligence that constantly looks ahead. AI enhances existing security cameras, alarms, and smart doorbell systems. An unknown fingerprint or face can trigger an alarm or send a real-time video from the security camera to your phone.

However, with these advanced cyber features, even smart locks can become victims of hacking. Nevertheless, smart locks are frequently updated with apps, and companies constantly evolve their systems to make them more resistant to cyberattacks.

Unlike Smart Lock, the keypad lacks the intervention of AI or smart technology. A simple electronic system that makes you immune to hacking.

On the other hand, if the key slot is not installed, the thief cannot pick it up. Even multiple incorrect passwords will automatically trigger a security alert. Owners can also schedule when and where to provide access at their discretion.

However, it can still be bypassed if someone knows the correct security PIN code or decides to enter physically by force. Electronic keypads also have opportunities to implement biometrics such as retina scans, fingerprints, and voice identification.

The keypad lacks a technical advantage because it cannot remotely notify the user of a potential breach attempt.

Which locking system is more convenient for users?

The convenience and wider range of utility options are very important depending on the appropriate context. Therefore, I will compare each of these user-friendly attempts at these systems.

The keypad is relatively simple. You can access it if you know the pin code or belong to a list of verified biometric scans. It is more suitable for mass use in terms of commercial buildings, factories, and laboratories. They don’t need any smart device to work. However, this has its drawbacks.

The problem is that the keypad is so simple that it only provides security and lacks other user-friendliness. You have to remember several security pins.

With no additional features on par with the competition, the keypad makes a better option for the average user than the home user.

On the other hand, Smart Lock has advanced biometrics and a touchscreen keypad to keep the same level of simplicity as your keypad. However, smart locks can also be connected to lighting systems, smart doorbells, thermostats, and security cameras. It is compatible with other AI, such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Remote access via Wi-Fi and smartphone also provides remote control, which we will discuss below. Security is not the only service that Smart Lock can provide.

Which locking system is easier for users to access?

The keypad is too simplistic and less accessible. They don’t have remote access, so they can’t control their possessions even from a distance. It doesn’t tell you whether a guest or an intruder is at your doorstep because you can’t connect to your cell phone. It would be best if you pressed the button right next to it to use it.

The smart lock, on the other side, can be unlocked and accessed anytime, anywhere. Advanced AI can be easily controlled through an app, even on the other side of the globe. You get a constant notification through your phone whenever someone uses your lock. You can provide access to your visitors or guests anytime, anywhere.

Any smartphone registered to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the app can easily access and command the system. By default, I keep full permissions.

Maintenance and installation

Smart Lock meets more user requirements, so installation and maintenance costs are much higher. Also, Wi-Fi access is always required, whether on the system or remotely. They will ask you for a smartphone and let you constantly manage updates. On the other hand, smartphones serve as a technologically new key.

So whenever you go out, you should always have a good charge and ensure your phone is not stolen because access to your phone can mean access to your home. Technical failures also exist from time to time.

Keypads are much less expensive to install than smart locks. There is little or no maintenance to worry about other than changing your PIN code or cleaning your physical keys. Keypads have no technical issues to fix.

Conclusion: Smart Lock Vs. Keypad Lock

Everything considered at the end of the day depends on other factors. For the sake of discussion, the real winner of Smart Lock Vs. the keypad is wholly nobody, but you can decide. You should have the right to choose the right security system for your property.

However, Smart locks are safe enough to protect valuables; they are also more accessible and better suited to a technologically advanced society. On the other hand, it is more convenient and eliminates some ancient problems related to security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart locks better than key locks?

Smart locks are easy to access and lock anywhere, but if you forget to close them, they are very similar to traditional locks in terms of security. Most smart locks work with traditional deadbolts, making them as secure as traditional ones.

What are the disadvantages of smart locks?

Smart locks cost much more than standard lock systems and may require an expert to install the lock and sync it to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Smart locks can be expensive to repair if they malfunction.

Is it worth getting a smart lock?

Yes, smart locks are connected to the network, and anyone with smart locks must use a PIN to update apps, keep passwords secure, and unlock via voice assistant. But with a smart lock, you don’t risk someone scratching your key under your doormat.

How secure are keypad door locks?

Yes, the keypad lock is secure. It’s faster than a traditional lock because it’s much harder for someone to guess your code than choosing a conventional lock.

Are smart locks fragile?

Even some smart locks can be fairly easy to break if they aren’t made properly and sold through a reputable company. Safe, smart locks have all the safety measures of standard locks built in and the safety measures to prevent hacking.

Does the keypad lock automatically lock?

Yes, The keypad lock automatically locks from behind when they are inside, so it’s safe and sound.

Are digital door locks safer?

Just because you don’t have to carry your keys with you doesn’t mean you risk forgetting your passwords or passwords. Cyber hackers can also compromise electronic systems, but most reputable locks have sufficient security features to minimize this risk.

How much does a smart lock cost?

Some basic smart home locks cost around $100, while more expensive coils with features like voice commands, push and email notifications, and tamper alerts range from $200 to $400.

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