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MacBook Silver VS Space Grey 2024 Comparison

Buying a MacBook can be very exciting. However, the process of choosing the right color can be pretty challenging. For some users, deciding between a silver and space gray MacBook may be a personal preference.

For others, the decision may be more subtle. It will depend on factors such as the specific use case of the device, the professional settings to be used, color durability, and more.

This article aims to guide you through establishing critical criteria for choosing the right color and revealing some essential aspects of silver and space-gray options you may not have considered before.

Overview of MacBook Silver vs. Space Gray Color Options

MacBooks come in two basic color options: space gray and silver. Both colors have a unique look that will appeal to others—comparing two colors to help you decide which is correct.


Space Gray gives it a darker, more modern feel, while Silver gives it a traditional Apple look. Space Gray is also available in a matte finish, which is useful when working in environments with lots of light.

Space gray might be for you if you want a more professional look. However, if you prefer the classic look of Apple products, Silver might be a better choice.


The display is where the two colors differ. Silver MacBooks have glossy displays that can cause reflections, while space gray models have matte displays that don’t reflect light. Matte displays are better for working in well-lit areas, but colors look dull.


The Silver MacBook has a Retina display with a resolution of 3546×2234, and the Space Gray MacBook has a resolution of 2560×1600.


There are no functional differences between the space gray and silver MacBooks. Both models have the same features and functionality. Available features depend on the MacBook model you select.

The only difference is the exterior finish color. Space gray is darker and more subdued, while silver is brighter and more sophisticated. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference.

Ports and connections

Both the space gray and silver MacBooks have the same ports and connectivity options. There are two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports on the left side of the device and a headphone jack on the right side. Silver MacBooks also have a physical ESC key, while space gray models have a virtual key.

You can connect the same accessories and peripherals to your color MacBook. However, the silver model is a good choice for a physical ESC key.


The space gray and silver MacBooks come with 8th-generation Intel processors, so you can be confident that either will provide enough performance for most users.


As for storage, the Silver MacBook has a 512GB SSD, while the Space Gray model has a 256GB SSD. The Silver MacBook is a better choice if there is a lot of file storage space; the Space Gray and Silver MacBooks have 8G of RAM, which is more than most users if you encourage 16GB of RAM on both models.


Space gray MacBooks tend to perform better than silver MacBooks. The Space Gray model has a faster processor and better graphics card. Space Gray is for you if you want a MacBook that can handle demanding tasks like video editing and gaming.

For a MacBook, you can’t go wrong with either color. Both the space gray and silver models are great choices. For maximum performance, choose Space Gray. Go for silver for a classic look. Whichever color you choose, you’ll have a great laptop.


Space gray models are usually more expensive than silver models. Because it has better specs and performance, the price difference may not matter to some people, but it’s something to remember.


Which color is more popular?

Currently, silver is the more popular option. It is Apple’s iconic color and has a classic and timeless look that appeals to most users. The bright, shiny finish can complement many styles, and the silver finish is less susceptible to scratches and wear than other color options, keeping your MacBook look like in years to come.

Is Apple Discontinuing Space Gray?

There’s no indication that Apple will discontinue the space gray option MacBook anytime soon, but Apple has spun off space gray products in the s the space gray magic mouse, magic trackpad, and keyboard. There are several reasons Apple may decide to remove the color option.

One possible reason could be that Apple may be looking to refresh its product lineup and introduce a new and updated design. Companies can choose the specific colors to create a new look and feel for their products. By offering new colors, Apple can differentiate its latest product from its predecessors and generate buzz with h updated designs.

Apple may also discontinue colors based on customer preference and demand. Space gray has been a popular color option for Apple products, but the company may have found other colors in need. To reduce complexity, Apple can drop unpopular colors and focus on necessary colors.

What others think about the MacBook Pro Silver and Space Gray

Space gray is likely the color of choice. It’s nice and calm, goes well with the black keyboard, and is fantastic overall. Space gray has been the default color for Macs since the 12-inch MacBook was introduced in March 2015. Some people like space gray because it is darker and more stealthy than silver. Others prefer it because it is generally considered a more modern choice.

Whatever your reason for wanting a space gray Mac, it looks great on the 2021 MacBook Pro. The relatively silver color makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants the MacBook’s iconic aesthetic.

More historically, black has been the color of most electronics. Space Gray isn’t pure black, but it’s the thing here. It’s also the latest of Apple’s two colors available for the MacBook Pro. Silver, on the other hand, is the closest color to the iconic Apple color.

A tint that has also been found on many iPads and iPhones over the years. So, if you want a classic feel, choose silver. Otherwise, Space Gray is for you.

Is space gray more expensive than silver?

Yes, space gray costs more than a silver MacBook. This Theray finish is a bit more expensive than the silver finish. Since space gray requires a darker oxide layer, achieving it can be more challenging than a lighter silver oxide layer.

Is space gray more scratchy than silver?

Space gray and silver MacBooks are practically identical, but space gray aluminum is scratchy than silver aluminum. Not only that, dark colors make scratches more visible than silver.

Which color is more eye-catching, space gray or silver?

If we talk about eye-catching, a space gray might be more eye-catching than a silver MacBook. The gray area will also capture the hearer’s heart’s new and stylish color. Silver is a popular color, but it is kind o. If you want a different style of Mac, you can choose space gray.

Is Space Gray more scratch resistant than Silver?

Yes, Space Gray is better if you’re concerned about scratches. Space Gray is made of anodized aluminum, making it more resistant to scratches and wear than silver MacBooks. So, if you’re worried about scratching your laptop, go for space gray.

Is your space gray MacBook discolored?

It is a common misconception that space gray MacBooks are more prone to tarnishing than silver MacBooks. However, this is not true. Both finishes are equally susceptible to smudges and fingerprints, but the darker color of space gray hides smudges and fingerprints better.

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