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What Are the Best Smart Locks that Work with Ring?

A smart lock with ring power makes the security system more robust and accessible. Most importantly, it’s connected to the Ring app, so you always know what’s happening at home. Also, when an alarm goes off, the alarm sends a notification to your phone or tablet.

Ring smart lock variants include more critical elements of our home, making them more sophisticated and safer. And only home appliances will be the protagonists of this shift towards digitization.

These increase the security of our homes and give us more comfort. Thanks to the digital innovation of the ring door lock, you can open the door remotely without ending your life to find the Key.

Top Best Smart Locks that Work with Ring in 2023

1. SimplySafe

SimpliSafe is one of the great intelligent locks that work with Ring. The SimpliSafe smart lock is easy to set up and manage alarms. The alarm system is set up in minutes; no app is required.

My inner optimist wondered how it would work after adding a smart lock to the collection. The slim inner shield can be installed with relative ease by carefully following the well-written instructions on this ring door lock.

Again, SimpliSafe offers a collection of adapters that allow the lock to work with various tailpiece styles. Therefore, it is best to choose the right one carefully.

The small plate is fixed directly to the door with conventional screws, but the inner escutcheon is secured to this plate thanks to two sliding wings on either side. It has a unique design allows for a powerful connection that does not require additional screws and can be easily removed with any tool.

Because SimpliSafe does not require a mobile app, the kit also includes a weather-resistant keypad that allows external access. This little black device, the size of a typical garage door opener, is entirely detached from the lock and is designed to be attached to an exterior wall with adhesive tape.

You can also carry this ring door lock keyboard to protect your home from intruders.

  • Easy to install
  • Slim and attractive
  • It is equipped with a self-locking device
  • Limited without a subscription

2. Kwikset 99140-024

Kwikset is also a reputable company that makes intelligent locks. You can easily integrate this Kwikset smart lock with your ring alarm.

Padlocks allow you to use both keys or keypads to enter the house. Also, after installing this lock, you can use your old Key by re-keying it.

It has a traditional 10-digit keypad with buttons that are easy to use while wearing gloves. Also, the keypad is backlit, so there are no visibility issues when entering codes at night.

You can control the lock with the ring app by connecting the smart lock and ring alarm using Z-Wave. You can do almost anything, including locking/unlocking doors and generating and managing access codes. The lock allows up to 30 access codes.

You can create temporary keys for guests, dog walkers, babysitters, or friends and delete them whenever possible. Also, no wiring is required to install the door. All you need is a driver for hassle-free installation.

Also, if you forget to lock your device, it will automatically close after 30 seconds. Locking it is also very simple. It only needs one touch.

4 AA batteries power the smart lock. The SmartKey security feature provides a backup keyway if the lock’s battery is depleted.

Kwikset smart locks are easy to install and use, have a stylish metal design, accept 30 access codes, and integrate with the Ring app for convenient control.

  • Easy to install
  • Traditional 10-digit keypad
  • Stylish metal design
  • Some users have complied after 2 years it stops working

3. Yale Assure Smart lock with z-wave

Homeowners who love smart gadgets will know how a smart lock with a pleasant design adds to the aesthetics. Yale Assure provides the ultimate security for your home with a simple and modern design.

This smart lock from Yale gives your home a keyless keypad. The backlit keypad makes it easy to enter codes even at night. You can also use three fingers at a time while entering your password using the 10-digit keypad.

No need for a key when this smart lock is installed on your porch. The safety does not come with a key and only allows you to enter via code entry.

After all, you probably don’t always want to carry your keys. But if you use the Key occasionally, they don’t provide it. So, after associating your Yale lock with your ring alarm, you can use the ring app to take complete control of your lock.

The lock allows you to create 250 access codes, all of which can be created and managed within the Ring app. Yale locks come with 4 AA batteries, so you need to charge them to keep powering your locks.

The lock also has a 9-volt connector that can be used if the battery is dead. This is important because smart locks do not have a backup key.

Yale Assure locks are incredibly convenient and provide adequate security for your home, making it one of the best Ring-compatible smart locks.

  • With great backlit keypad
  • Ultimate security with modern design
  • You can use three fingers at a time
  • Expensive

4. Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure Lock SL is a very minimalistic latch. The outward-facing part is a simple little control panel with only a touchpad. The stunning ring door lock has four finishes: brass, black, bronze, and satin nickel.

Yale also has a few variations of the Assure lock. Yale’s Assure Lock touchscreen has a traditional keyhole underneath the touchscreen. The door lock on the Yale Assure keypad replaces the touch screen with a push button keypad.

To remotely control the Assure Lock SL, you need a way to connect to your smart home hub. Yale WiFi and Bluetooth upgrade kits are available for purchase.

The keyboard turns on when pressed but does not provide a manual key option. This ring door lock is a chatty little device that offers beeps and voice guidance to tell you what’s happening.

We noticed that it takes a few taps to activate the touchscreen. To save battery life, the lock goes into standby mode after a few minutes without any touch-triggered interaction with the panel.

Anyone looking for a smart, intelligent keyless lock that works with Ring will find plenty of cool stuff at the Yale Assure SL. This ring door lock has an attractive exterior design and works with most major smart home platforms.

  • Tamper Alarm
  • Battery backup system
  • Compatible with multiple innovative home systems
  • Smart modules must be purchased separately

5. Schlage Connect

The ring door lock external lock is a moderately sized rectangular plate. It has a regular keyhole underneath with a touch screen and a backrest. However, the bar’s interior is slightly out of the way and more significant than other models.

The lock’s resistive touchscreen resists smudges and fingerprints, and the lock’s keypad never looks dirty. The keyboard is intuitive, and there is an indicator in the shape of a checkmark that flashes green, and an X flashes red when there is a problem.

It can be installed on almost any door, so you can easily be overwhelmed by all the hardware. Also, the installation and user guide are valid for images and simple language.

Schlage Connect is an excellent smart lock that works with Ring and Alexa for beginners. It is easy to use, simple and reliable, and the installation process is as simple as using a ring door lock.

  • Integrates into home automation systems
  • You can lock or unlock the door remotely
  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • Store up to 30 custom user codes at the same time
  • You have to change the code for each guest manually

6. Kwikset SmartCode 888

This ring door lock allows the lock to communicate wirelessly with other devices in your home. This lock enables the user to check the status of the door lock remotely, receive email or text notifications, and lock or unlock the door.

Smart Code is a one-touch electric deadbolt with Smart Key Security as a backup keyway. You can safely enter your home without a key with a personalized code. This ring door lock backlit keyboard provides easy visibility at night, the smart code is easy to install, program, and use, and requires only 4 AA batteries to operate.

Additionally, the crisp, clean look of the satin nickel finish adds to the overall look and gives it a modern feel. This smart ring door lock lets you operate the door from anywhere with a compatible innovative home system installed on your phone.

This technology and keyless access locks can communicate wirelessly via Z Wave with home automation and security systems.

The Kwikset SmartCode 888 Smart Lock lets you receive notifications when someone locks or unlocks your door and enables you to check if the lock is securely locked on your phone.

  • Provides excellent protection
  • Adding or removing code is quick and easy.
  • Advanced Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Not easy to use

7. Kwikset 98880-006

With this Kwikset smart lock, you can use Z-Wave to integrate Ring alarms and control locks with the Ring app. The door can be locked or unlocked remotely using the ring alarm kit. There is also a 5-digit keypad that can be used for access.

The self-locking feature locks the door behind you when you forget to lock it. Also, no wiring is required to install the lock. All you need is a screwdriver to secure it to the door. Besides, the metallic design of Smart Lock is quite stylish and pleasant.

Kwikset Smart Lock allows you to grant access to up to 30 people with an access code. So you can give your personalized code to anyone and withdraw it whenever you want.

You can also get a notification whenever there is activity on your lock and check the lock status remotely. The device comes with 4 AA batteries and can be entered via the SmartKey function when the batteries are dead.

The lock’s keypad is backlit, making it easy to enter codes at night. The Kwikset smart lock has a pleasant design, allows for easy access and adequate security, provides 30 access codes for loved ones, sends notifications on all activities, and provides a SmartKey in case the battery is dead. Function.

  • Locked or unlocked remotely
  • Self-locking feature locks
  • Up to 30 people with an access code
  • Battery could be more lasting

8. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi

Schlage Encode Smart is designed for easy installation and features an easy-to-use mobile application that simplifies planning and scheduling. It is the first WiFi lock to be accessed remotely without a hub.

You can control voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Encode has two trim levels: the chiseled Century and the more curved Camelot.

Available in satin nickel or matte black finish. This ring door lock is a complete locking assembly that includes a deadbolt latch mechanism, a weatherproof sign with an external keypad, a character with an internal keypad, 4 AA batteries, various mounting hardware, a safety key, and a quick guide.

Apps can send push notifications to notify who and when to lock and unlock a lock. Schlage Encode is built into Amazon Key, allowing you to open and close locks in the Key app and grant access based on Amazon’s planned delivery.

  • Easy to install
  • Works with Smart devices
  • Various planning options
  • Doesn’t work with Homekit or IFTT


Homeowners know the value of smart lock devices. It is perfectly adequate while still providing convenience. Smart locks are no exception. You can protect your home and have peace of mind with these locks.

They also offer ridiculous convenience compared to traditional locks. Locks integrated with Ring let you control your locks using the Ring app. This integration allows you to benefit from both devices. You can access your safety and get activity alerts to calm your landlord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do smart locks work with rings?

Yes, the Ring can integrate Ring devices, including Ring Alarm, with manufacturers’ different 300 series Z-Wave smart locks models. Once installed and set up, you can lock or unlock the door through the Ring app.

Which door locks work with Ring and Alexa?

One of the most popular and well-reviewed smart locks is Schlage Connect. As the article title suggests, this product is fully compatible with ringer alarms and accepts voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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